Current Fellows

Asha Bertsch, MFS

2016 Fellow in Panama

Comparing changes in soil fertility across a chronosequence of successional agroforestry and second-growth rainforest in Panama

Maria Veronica Chang Estrella, MEM

2016 Fellow in Panama

Evaluation of Reforestation Success of 19 Tree Species of Tropical Dry Forest under Cattle Ranching Landscapes in the Azuero Peninsula, Panama

Deepti Chatti, PhD

2016 Fellow in India

Towards a Political Ecology of Household Energy Transitions in India

Pooja Choksi, MEM

2016 Fellow in Belize

Co-management as a means of environmental conservation: The Case of Belize

Bartholomew DiFiore, MESc

2016 Fellow in Belize

Estimating Predator Abundances from Space? The impact of predators on herbivore behavior in coral patch reef ecosystems

Samantha Garvin, MESc

2016 Fellow in Botswana

A Jumbo Problem: Defining the Problem of Human-Elephant Conflict (Loxodonta africana) in a Changing Landscape

Samuel Geldin, MESc

2016 Fellow in Indonesia

Thinking Globally, Acting Translocally: Assessing Urban Governance and the Exchange of Climate Adaptation Knowledge in Indonesia

Abdul-Majeed Ibrahim, MEM

2016 Fellow in Ghana

Dissemination of innovative practices in post-harvest handling of groundnuts within women's social networks in rural northern Ghana

Meghna Krishnadas, PhD

2016 Fellow in India

Living on the edge: Species recruitment and mechanisms of tree community change due to edge-effects in human-altered tropical forests

Meredith Martin, PhD

2016 Fellow in Mexico

Ecology and management of tropical oak forest in Oaxaca, Mexico to supply sustainable firewood for the artisanal mezcal industry

Kira McCall, MESc

2016 Fellow in Rwanda

An of assessment of chimpanzee-human interaction around Nyungwe Forest National Park, Rwanda

Tess McNamara, MEM

2016 Fellow in Cuba

The Crisis of Urban Agriculture: Case Studies in Cuba

Irene Montes Londono, MFS

2016 Fellow in Colombia

Generating basic silvicultural data for the Neotropical tree species Maclura tinctoria in silvopastoral systems of the Andean foothills in Colombia

Chandni Navalkha, MEM

2016 Fellow in Mexico

Autonomy and Conservation in the Tropical Montane Forests of Oaxaca, Mexico

Amrutasri Nori-Sarma, PhD

2015 Fellow and 2016 Fellow in India

Understanding the Spatial Distribution of Air Pollution in Urban India: Land Use Regression Analysis in Mysore and Chennai, India

Sarah Sax, MESc

2016 Fellow in Peru

Oil Palm Expansion in the Ucayali Region of Peru

Peter Umunay, PhD

2016 Fellow in Democratic Republic of the Congo

Quantifying emissions from human-induced causes of forest degradation in the Congo Basin Region

Katherine Young, MFS

2016 Fellow in Brazil

Comparing successional agroforestry systems to natural regeneration of secondary forest stands in the Mata Atlântica of southern Bahia, Brazil