The Tropical Resources Institute administers the TRI Endowment Fellowship, which support Masters and Doctoral level research in the tropics each year. Grants range from $2,000-5,000 and are awarded to up to 25 students per cycle. Over the past thirty years, TRI has supported over 600 student research projects in more than 60 different countries. Following the mission of YSE, these projects are interdisciplinary in nature and cover a wide range of issues that address the study, management, and conservation of tropical resources. Some students choose to work with TRI's established partners while others establish their own relationships with host organizations.

TRI works closely with YSE students interested in tropical research, advising students on research design, proposal development, and field methods, as well as facilitating in-country collaborations in some cases. The proposal development and advising that we offer students has helped them craft highly successful proposals, obtain matching funds from additional sources, and go on to conduct meaningful research across a variety of disciplines.