Cullman joint-degree program

The School of the Environment offers a combined doctoral degree with the New York Botanical Garden, which is funded by The Lewis B. Cullman Fellowship. The objective is to train biological scientists to use an interdisciplinary approach to solving problems associated with tropical environments.

Areas of study include: Agroforestry and Forest Management, Ecosystem Analysis, Economic Botany, Economic Evaluation of Tropical Resources, Ethnobotany, Plant Biodiversity and Conservation, Social Processes Affecting Management of Natural Resources, Tropical Field Studies, and Tropical Silviculture.

Students have access to pre- and post-candidacy research funding, and should acknowledge the Cullman Fund and list both YSE and NYBG as their institutional affiliations in all publications. 

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Current Cullman Fellows

Manuel Flores (2022-)
Dr Ashton (YSE), Drs Armstrong and Daly (NYBG) 
Tropical plant physiology
Arun Dayanadan (2022-)
Dr Ashton (YSE), Dr Armstrong (NYBG) 
Restoration ecology
Alma Trujillo (2021-)
Dr Comita (YSE),  Dr Daly (NYBG) 
Restoration strategies in tropical forest
David Woodbury (2020-)
Dr Ashton (YSE), Dr Armstrong (NYBG) 
Dynamics and drivers of forest succession and fragmentation
Akshay Surendra (2020-)
Dr Comita (YSE), Dr Armstrong (NYBG) 
Mechanisms of coexistence in tropical forests
Aleca Borsuk (2020-)
Dr Broderson (YSE), Dr Ambrose (NYBG)
Ecophysiology, leaves, and photosynthesis
Eli Ward (2019-2023)
Dr Bradford (YSE), Dr Lendemer (NYBG)
Ecosystem function and the carbon cycle
Megan Sullivan (2018-2023)
Dr Comita (YSE), Dr Michelangeli (NYBG) 
Selective logging and structure and function of tropical forests
Hari Venugopalan (2018-2023)
Dr Comita (YSE), Dr Lendemer (NYBG) 
Drivers of plant community structure across environmental gradients

Past Cullman Fellows

Kyra Prats (2017-2022)
Dr Broderson (YSE), Dr Kelly (NYBG) 
Ecophysiology of ferns
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Juan Penagos, PhD (2020-2022, Post-doctoral Research Associate)
Dr Queenborough (YSE),  Dr Michelangeli (NYBG) 
Evolution and ecology of basal angiosperms
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Sergio Estrada, PhD (2020-2022, Post-doctoral Research Associate)
Dr Comita (YSE), Dr Michelangeli (NYBG) 
Mechanisms of ecological succession 
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Meredith Martin, 2020 PhD 
Assistant Professor, Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources, College of Natural Resources, North Carolina State University
Lily Zeng, PhD
Policy Analyst, Government of Canada
Marlyse Duguid, MF, PhD
Thomas J. Siccama Lecturer and Associate Research Scientist, Yale School of the Environment
Director of Research, Yale Forests
Alder Keleman, PhD 
Assistant Research Professor, Department of Anthropology, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ
Postdoctoral Researcher, Chr. Michelsen Institute, Bergen, Norway
Thomas James, PhD
Hama Hama Company, Lilliwaup, Washington 
Jeffrey Stoike, PhD
Affiliated Scholar, Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy at the Urban Institute 
Sarah Osterhoudt, PhD
Associate Professor of Anthropology, Indiana University
Dylan Craven, PhD
Associate Professor, Centro de Modelacion y Monitoreo de Ecosistemas,  Universidad Mayor, Santiago, Chile
Elaine Hooper, PhD
Daniel PiottoMF, PhD 
Professor, Universidade Federal do Sul da Bahia, Brazil
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