Tropical Studies Faculty

There are many avenues by which graduate and undergraduate students may pursue tropical studies at Yale. Course offerings shift from year to year, but here is a list of faculty who work across a variety of disciplines and departments pertaining to the tropics.

Name Department focus Lab/personal site Course listing
Mark Ashton YSE Silviculture (tropical, temperate, and boreal) Ashton Lab

Ashton Courses

Michelle Bell YSE, SPH Effects of atmospheric systems on human health (epidemiology, biostatistics, and environmental engineering) Bell Lab  
Gaboury Benoit YSE Watershed biogeochemistry (freshwater, estuarine, and coastal) YSE Profile Benoit Courses

Graeme Berlyn


Morphology and physiology of trees

YSE Profile

Berlyn Courses

Carol Carpenter YSE, ANTH Social science of conservation and development YSE Profile

Carpenter Courses

Liza Comita YSE, E&EB Tropical forest dynamics and diversity Comita Lab Comita Courses
Amity Doolittle YSE Distribution and control of natural resources YSE Profile Doolittle Courses
Michael Dove YSE, ANTH, EVST Environmental anthropology in South and Southeast Asia YSE Profile Dove Courses
Marlyse Duguid YSE Understanding patterns of plant diversity and composition in understory plant communities, especially in managed landscapes YSE Profile  
Dan Esty YSE, LAW Environmental law and policy; energy; trade YSE Profile Esty Courses
Eduardo Fernandez-Duque ANTH, E&EB, EVST Evolution of primate social systems Research Site Fernandez-Duque Courses
Gordon Geballe YSE Urban ecology; sustainable development F&ES Profile Geballe Courses
Ken Gillingham YSE Applied microeconomics, behavioral economics, industrial organization, and integrated assessment modeling of climate change Gillingham Lab  
Timothy Gregoire YSE Statistical modeling for environmental data F&ES Profile Gregoire Courses
Simon Queenborough YSE Botanical ecology and evolution Queenborough Lab Queenborough Courses
Narasimha Rao YSE Relationships between energy systems, human development and climate change YSE Profile  
Karen Seto YSE Urbanization, global change, and sustainability Seto Lab Seto Courses
Oswald Schmitz YSE Dynamics and structure of terrestrial food webs Schmitz Lab Schmitz Courses
Carla Staver E&EB Empirical and theoretical approaches to explore the dynamics and distributions of biomes Staver Lab