Tropical Studies Faculty

There are many avenues by which graduate and undergraduate students may pursue tropical studies at Yale. Course offerings shift from year to year, but here is a list of faculty who work across a variety of disciplines and departments pertaining to the tropics.

Name Department focus Lab/personal site Course listing
Mark Ashton F&ES Silviculture (tropical, temperate, and boreal) Ashton Lab

Ashton Courses

Gaboury Benoit F&ES Watershed biogeochemistry (freshwater, estuarine, and coastal) F&ES Profile Benoit Courses

Graeme Berlyn


Morphology and physiology of trees

F&ES Profile

Berlyn Courses

Ben Cashore


Comparative environmental governance and policy

F&ES Profile

Cashore Courses

Carol Carpenter F&ES, ANTH Social science of conservation and development F&ES Profile

Carpenter Courses

Liza Comita F&ES Tropical forest dynamics and diversity Comita Lab Comita Courses
Amity Doolittle F&ES Distribution and control of natural resources F&ES Profile Doolittle Courses
Michael Dove F&ES, ANTH, EVST Environmental anthropology in South and Southeast Asia F&ES Profile Dove Courses
Dan Esty F&ES, LAW Environmental law and policy; energy; trade F&ES Profile Esty Courses
Eduardo Fernandez-Duque ANTH, E&EB, EVST Evolution of primate social systems Research Site Fernandez-Duque Courses
Gordon Geballe F&ES Urban ecology; sustainable development F&ES Profile Geballe Courses
Timothy Gregoire F&ES Statistical modeling for environmental data F&ES Profile Gregoire Courses
Chadwick Oliver F&ES Silviculture; natural resource management Research Site Oliver Courses
Simon Queenborough F&ES, E&EB Botanical ecology and evolution Queenborough Lab Queenborough Courses
Alark Saxena F&ES Climate change resilience and poverty alleviation F&ES Profile Saxena Courses
Karen Seto F&ES Urbanization, global change, and sustainability Seto Lab Seto Courses
Oswald Schmitz F&ES Dynamics and structure of terrestrial food webs Schmitz Lab Schmitz Courses