Tropical Field Courses

Here is a sampling of Yale courses (primarily through the School of the Environment) that include a field component in a tropical country. See the course listing and search for 'tropical' for current schedule information. Note that many of these require prior application or approval to register.

Course Title Details Country Instructors Link
Tropical Field Ecology This course is designed to give students firsthand knowledge of tropical biology and the issues surrounding conservation of biodiversity in a developing nation. Using a case-study approach, topics covered include patterns of biodiversity, tropical forest dynamics, reforestation, species interactions and coevolution, climate change impacts, ecosystem services, and human land use.  Ecuador or Panama

Liza Comita, Simon Queenborough

F&ES 717b
Tropical Field Botany This course teaches students how to identify the most important tropical plant families, with an emphasis on woody taxa. Students learn key characteristics for identification. We concentrate on families that have high economic, ecological, or ethnobotanical importance.  Costa Rica Lawrence KellyFabian Michelangeli F&ES 731b
Seminar in Tropical Forest Restoration in Human Dominated Landscapes This seminar is focused on the biological and social science, management, and policy governing reforestation in tropical regions.  Panama Mark S. AshtonEva Garen F&ES 683b
Rwanda Study Tour This study tour offers students a unique opportunity to observe and critically examine conservation strategies and initiatives being undertaken in Rwanda — a country rich in the history and practice of conservation of wildlife and wild places, within a crucible of great human pressures.  Rwanda Amy VedderBill Weber