Planet Indonesia

Planet Indonesia is dedicated to the conservation of earth's ecosystems by facilitating productive economic activities in marginalized communities that preserve natural habitats and cultural traditions. Their approach is unique in that they partner with communities to identify profit-making opportunities and support them to create their own business models. PI often refers to their method as a social fusion of development and environmental work. They believe there is a connection between economics, people, culture, and our environment. When these aspects fall out of balance, our world suffers.

Currently, Planet Indonesia is working in the Western region of Borneo (Kalimantan). Borneo is the third largest region of the world and is well known for having some of the richest ecological communities on earth. The rich rainforest, climate, and landscape of Borneo have captured the attention of scientists for decades. It has hosted a plethora of evolutionary studies with the important advancements in science coming from studies conducted on the island. Unfortunately, Borneo is as at risk from a growing human population, unprecedented rates of deforestation, animal trade, among other threats. Moreover, some of the regions host some of the highest rates of illiteracy and low-income sites in Indonesia. Therefore, this is a crucial area of our work.

TRI Fellows who partner with PI will be incorporated into their internship program. Though conducting your own independent research, you will have the benefit of joining a cohort of peers for the summer. For more information and instructions on how to apply to the program, visit the website.

Project 1

Seeking a research fellow who has an interest and background with innovative ways collect data remotely. Planet Indonesia uses smart phone technology and applications as tools to collect data from remote field sites and animal markets. We are currently seeking an intern to help set up an ODK remote data collection to collect data on fish harvest from fishermen. 

Project 2

Seeking a research fellow with an interest and background in monitoring and evaluation. This intern will be in charge of creating a large baseline survey which we will use across our programs. This survey will collect essential baseline data that will then be compared to future and previous surveys in order to better understand our impact.

Past Research Fellows: