Kalyanakrishnan (Shivi) Sivaramakrishnan

Shivi Sivaramakrishnan

Professor of Anthropology; Professor of Forestry & Environmental Studies; Co-Director, Program in Agrarian Studies; Chair, South Asian Studies Council

Professor Sivaramakrishnan's research spans environmental history and political anthropology of forests, agriculture, human-animal relations, and urban environments in India. Recently he has started working on environmental law and jurisprudence in India. Over the years his publications have covered these topics and issues of circular migration, economic development, nationalism, state formation, cultural geography and the history of forestry sciences.

He currently serves on the editorial board of the American Ethnologist and the Journal of Peasant Studies; having earlier served as one of the founding editorial board members for Environment and History and Conservation and Society. He edits the “Culture, Place and Nature” Series at the University of Washington Press; with Anand Yang and Padma Kaimal, he co-edits the Global South Asia Series, also at the University of Washington Press.