Tropical Resources Vol 31

  • Rachel Kramer, 2011 TRI Fellow
    Taboo in the Marojejy Massif: Characterization and Conservation Implications
  • Alaine Ball, 2011 TRI Fellow
    “We Live More Like Indians than Indians”: Traditional Identity, Swidden Agriculture, and Boundary-making in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil
  • Daniela Marini, 2011 Compton Fellow
    The Political Ecology of Fire in the Andean-Patagonian Region of Argentina
  • Shereen D'Souza, 2011 TRI Fellow
    Blame and Misinformation in a Smallholder Carbon Market Project
  • Jing Ma, 2011 TRI Fellow
    Small Hydropower for Sustainable Energy Development in Northwestern Rural China
  • Paulo Barreiro Sanjines, 2011 Compton Fellow
    Opportunity Analysis of Payment for Ecosystem Services: Policy Design and Implementation for Coffee Agroforestry Systems in Costa Rica
  • Carla Chizmar, 2011 Compton Fellow
    Using Leaf Level Traits to Develop Tolerance Rankings of Native Tree Species for Restoration Under-planting of Rubber Plantations in Brazil
  • Tina Schneider and Erica Pohnan, 2011 TRI Fellows
    Assessing Rainforestation: The Social and Ecological Effects of Smallholder-based Native Species Reforestation in the Philippines