Sarah Tolbert's picture

Sarah Tolbert, MEM

2014 Fellow in Rwanda

Community perceived perceptions of protected areas around the Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Peter Umunay's picture

Peter Umunay, PhD

2016 Fellow in Democratic Republic of the Congo

Quantifying emissions from human-induced causes of forest degradation in the Congo Basin Region

Mariana Vedoveto's picture

Mariana Vedoveto, MEM

2015 Fellow in Brazil

The potential of deforestation free agreements to decrease deforestation and promote supply chain sustainability: the case of the Soy Moratorium in Brazil

Agnes Walton's picture

Agnes Walton, MEM

2015 Fellow in Peru

Planting adaptation in Peru: How do farmers select within and across varieties to address climate risk?

Sonia Wang's picture

Sonia Wang, MEM

2021 Fellow in USA

Climate-Resilient Coral Reef Restoration in Maunalua Bay - Monitoring, Analyzing Effectiveness, and Establishing Community Practices

Luke Weiss's picture

Luke Weiss, MEM

2014 Fellow in Ecuador

Habitat requirements of Paullinia yoco (Sapindaceae)

Brittany Wienke's picture

Brittany Wienke, MF

2019 Fellow in Panama

Scaling up reforestation efforts in the Azuero Peninsula, Panama, through community associations

Ben Williamson's picture

Ben Williamson, MEM

2018 Fellow in Ghana

Participatory Landscape Decision Making in the Wassa Amenfi, Ghana

Ari Winer's picture

Ari Winer, MEM

2021 Fellow in Panama

Programmatic development of the Environmental Leadership & Training Initiative in Panama's Azuero Peninsula

David Woodbury's picture

David Woodbury, PhD

2018 Fellow and 2021 Fellow in Sri Lanka

Coal mine reclamation: Soil and early successional plant development under exotic, leguminous tree plantations in East Kalimantan, Indonesia