Alishia Orloff's picture

Alishia Orloff, MESc

2020 Fellow in United States

Structural heterogeneity of waterbird habitat in restored Hawaiian wetlands

Sneha Pandey's picture

Sneha Pandey, MEM

2018 Fellow in Rwanda

Assessment of the ANICO program in Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda

Alix Pauchet's picture

Alix Pauchet, MEM

2020 Fellow and 2021 Fellow in Ecuador

Visualizing the externalities of the Coca Codo Sinclair Dam

Zander Pellegrino's picture

Zander Pellegrino, MESc

2018 Fellow in Egypt

Contextualizing actor viewpoints, knowledge transfer and decision making in small-scale rural Egyptian water projects

Juan Penagos Zuluaga's picture

Juan Penagos Zuluaga, PhD

2015 Fellow and 2017 Fellow in Panama

Ecology and evolution of the gynodioecious breeding system in early-divergent flowering plants

Chau Pham's picture

Chau Pham, AB

2020 Fellow in Sri Lanka

Biodiversity and ecosystem function in a Sri Lankan rainforest over a 40-year period

Jose Pons Ballesteros's picture

Jose Pons Ballesteros, MEM

2014 Fellow in Argentina

Rainfall and rangeland ecosystem response to climate change in La Patagonia, Argentina

Maha Qasim's picture

Maha Qasim, MEM

2014 Fellow in Pakistan

Ittehad model village assessment

Yiyuan Qin's picture

Yiyuan Qin, MEM

2014 Fellow in Brazil

Exploring opportunities for natural infrastructure investment in the Brazilian Amazon

Emma Rapperport's picture

Emma Rapperport, MESc

2017 Fellow in Ecuador

Trends in Intergenerational Agricultural Knowledge Transfer in the Ecuadorian Andes