Irene Montes Londono's picture

Irene Montes Londono, MFS

2016 Fellow in Colombia

Generating basic silvicultural data for the Neotropical tree species Maclura tinctoria in silvopastoral systems of the Andean foothills in Colombia

Gabriela Morales-Nieves's picture

Gabriela Morales-Nieves, MF

2019 Fellow in Puerto Rico

Priorities, Perspectives and Use of a Community Forest and Homegarden Composition of Surrounding Residents in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

Andrew Muehleisen's picture

Andrew Muehleisen, PhD

2018 Fellow in Panama

Local Adaptation in Foliar Defensive Chemistry Across a Tropical Rainfall Gradient

Robert Mwaniki's picture

Robert Mwaniki, MEM

2015 Fellow in Kenya

The British, Germans and the Herder: The Evolution of the Kasigau Deportation Narrative

Jared Naimark's picture

Jared Naimark, MESc

2018 Fellow in Myanmar

Constructing Protected Areas in the Karen Ceasefire Zones of Southeast Myanmar

Chandni Navalkha's picture

Chandni Navalkha, MEM

2016 Fellow in Mexico

Autonomy and Conservation in the Tropical Montane Forests of Oaxaca, Mexico

James Ndung'u's picture

James Ndung'u, MEM

2019 Fellow in Kenya

Women and Sustainable Energy; Understanding Energy Poverty in Kiambu County, Kenya

Jorge Nieto Jimenez's picture

Jorge Nieto Jimenez, MESc

2019 Fellow in Myanmar

Overlooked social dynamics of energy end-use during energy access and transitions projects in contexts of scarcity.

Amrutasri Nori-Sarma's picture

Amrutasri Nori-Sarma, PhD

2015 Fellow and 2016 Fellow in India

Understanding the Spatial Distribution of Air Pollution in Urban India: Land Use Regression Analysis in Mysore and Chennai, India

Sarah Omusula's picture

Sarah Omusula, MESc

2018 Fellow in Kenya

Appraisal of the Compensation Scheme for human wildlife conflict: Tsavo National Park and Mbirikani Group Ranch/Big Life Foundation in Kenya