Meredith Martin's picture

Meredith Martin, PhD

2016 Fellow in Mexico

Ecology and management of tropical oak forest in Oaxaca, Mexico to supply sustainable firewood for the artisanal mezcal industry

Christopher Martin's picture

Christopher Martin, MF

2017 Fellow in Brazil

Conservation Finance for Sustainable Enterprise in the Brazilian Amazon

Kira McCall's picture

Kira McCall, MESc

2016 Fellow in Rwanda

An of assessment of chimpanzee-human interaction around Nyungwe Forest National Park, Rwanda

Tess McNamara's picture

Tess McNamara, MEM

2016 Fellow in Cuba

The Crisis of Urban Agriculture: Case Studies in Cuba

Brurce Mecca's picture

Brurce Mecca, MESc

2018 Fellow in Indonesia

Political economy of sustainable land-use policies: Case from experimental bioenergy crops on degraded peatland in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Ruth Metzel's picture

Ruth Metzel, MEM

2015 Fellow in Cuba

Yale-Small Grants Programme Broader Adoption Research Project: Cuba

Tara Meyer's picture

Tara Meyer, MESc

2014 Fellow in Tajikistan

A first look at an unstudied population: estimating snow leopard (Panthera uncia) density and distribution in the Hissar mountain range, Tajikistan

Ruolin Eudora Miao's picture

Ruolin Eudora Miao, MFS

2021 Fellow in China

Assessment of the Factors that Influence the Recruitment Limitation in the Natural Regeneration of Karst Forests Following Disturbance Abandonment in Guangxi, China

Ethan Miller's picture

Ethan Miller, MF

2017 Fellow in Kenya

A Spatial Approach to Understanding Resource Use in the Mau Forest Complex

Julia Monk's picture

Julia Monk, PhD

2017 Fellow and 2019 Fellow in Argentina

The Biogeochemical Legacy of the Landscape of Fear: Pumas, Vicuñas, Condors, and Nutrient Cycling in the High Andes