Jacqueline Hall's picture

Jacqueline Hall, MEM

2017 Fellow in Mexico

La Vecindad: Communal Housing as a Green Infrastructure Opportunity in Mexico City’s Water Crisis

Alec Halpern's picture

Alec Halpern, MEM

2014 Fellow in Brazil

The fallout of the festivities: the social implications of mega-event development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tevin Hamilton's picture

Tevin Hamilton, MEM

2020 Fellow in United States

The connections between environmental justice and prison labor

Kelsey Hartman's picture

Kelsey Hartman, MEM

2019 Fellow in Ecuador

Paul Hatanga's picture

Paul Hatanga, MEM

2019 Fellow in Uganda

Examining effects of road construction on ecosystem services in Murchison Falls Conservation Area, Uganda

Christopher Hebdon's picture

Christopher Hebdon, PhD

2019 Fellow in Ecuador

Swidden-Fallow Knowledge in Ecuador: Farmer and Governmental Perspectives

Heri Hermawan's picture

Heri Hermawan, MFS

2014 Fellow in Indonesia

Stakeholders’ perceptions as social and psychological determinants of agroforestry adoption in Indonesia

Caroline Hobbs's picture

Caroline Hobbs, MEM

2017 Fellow in United States

Color Morphology in Montipora capitata living in different reef environments

Linda Holcombe's picture

Linda Holcombe, MESc

2014 Fellow in South Africa

Remembering the human elements of endangered species management planning: exploring perspectives of African penguin conservation in Cape Town, South Africa

Nina Horstmann's picture

Nina Horstmann, MESc

2015 Fellow in Indonesia

Constructions of Nature among Indonesian Transmigrants: Impacts on Resource Management and Conservation