Bethany Linton's picture

Bethany Linton, MESc

2018 Fellow in Uganda

Land-Use Visioning: Community-Driven Management in Lands and Lives of Post-Conflict Agoro-Agu, Uganda

Nicholas Lo's picture

Nicholas Lo, MESc

2018 Fellow in Myanmar

Encountering Chinese Development in the Global South: Environmental Politics of Rural Myanmar

Desirée Lopes's picture

Desirée Lopes, MEM

2014 Fellow in Brazil

A randomized controlled trial and quasi-experiment based evaluation of a payment-for-ecosystem services initiative in the Brazilian Amazon

Renata Lozano's picture

Renata Lozano, MEM

2018 Fellow in Myanmar

Building from Stakeholder Visions of the Future: Reconciling Land Use in Inle Lake, Myanmar

Peter Ludwig's picture

Peter Ludwig, MESc

2018 Fellow in Indonesia

Technology and Tradition in Java: Natural Resource Access and Innovation in the Gamelan Instrument Industry

Sarah Lupberger's picture

Sarah Lupberger, MEM

2014 Fellow in Peru

The role of international actors in the promotion of community forestry in Peru

Christopher Martin's picture

Christopher Martin, MF

2017 Fellow in Brazil

Conservation Finance for Sustainable Enterprise in the Brazilian Amazon

Meredith Martin's picture

Meredith Martin, PhD

2016 Fellow in Mexico

Ecology and management of tropical oak forest in Oaxaca, Mexico to supply sustainable firewood for the artisanal mezcal industry

Kira McCall's picture

Kira McCall, MESc

2016 Fellow in Rwanda

An of assessment of chimpanzee-human interaction around Nyungwe Forest National Park, Rwanda

Tess McNamara's picture

Tess McNamara, MEM

2016 Fellow in Cuba

The Crisis of Urban Agriculture: Case Studies in Cuba