Audrey Denvir's picture

Audrey Denvir, MESc

2015 Fellow in Peru

Cross-Scale Interactions in Community Forestry: A Comparative Study in Peru

Urs Dieterich's picture

Urs Dieterich, MEM

2014 Fellow in Kenya

Giving traction to civil society participation in multi-level forest governance processes

Bartholomew DiFiore's picture

Bartholomew DiFiore, MESc

2016 Fellow in Belize

Estimating Predator Abundances from Space? The impact of predators on herbivore behavior in coral patch reef ecosystems

Erika Drazen's picture

Erika Drazen, MEM

2015 Fellow in Sri Lanka and Thailand

Closing the Gap: Assessing Knowledge Translation from Conferences and Gender Dynamics in UN REDD Programme in Sri Lanka

Melaina Dyck's picture

Melaina Dyck, MESc

2018 Fellow in Peru

Environmental change and self-determination through the eyes of smallholder banana farmers

Austin Dziki's picture

Austin Dziki, MF

2019 Fellow in Rwanda

The Edge Effect on Regeneration of Large Seeded Tree Species in a Small Forest Fragment in the Western Highlands of Rwanda

Aymane Eddahmani's picture

Aymane Eddahmani, MESc

2020 Fellow in South Africa

Emission intensity of poverty eradication

Kelechi Eleanya's picture

Kelechi Eleanya, MEM

2017 Fellow in Nigeria

Socio-economic contributions of the wood-furniture industry to urban and rural livelihoods in Northern Nigeria

Erica Engstrom's picture

Erica Engstrom, MEM

2018 Fellow in Tanzania

Balancing Agricultural Livelihoods and Ecosystem Integrity in the Kilombero Landscape of Tanzania

Christian Espinosa's picture

Christian Espinosa, PhD

2020 Fellow in Guatemala

An ethnographic research project on the effects of climate change and NGO climate policy on agroecological practice and mobility of Mayan communities in the Western Highlands of Guatemala