Justine Cefalu's picture

Justine Cefalu, AB

2015 Fellow in Madagascar

Knowing the forest: an ethnography of tourist guides in eastern Madagascar

Mikael Cejtin's picture

Mikael Cejtin, MESc

2014 Fellow in Argentina

Evaluating puma predation risk in the high Andes of Argentina

Kevin Cellucci's picture

Kevin Cellucci, MESc

2021 Fellow in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania

Money and Power: Assessing Barriers to Energy Access in sub-Saharan Africa

Maria Veronica Chang Estrella's picture

Maria Veronica Chang Estrella, MEM

2016 Fellow in Panama

Evaluation of Reforestation Success of 19 Tree Species of Tropical Dry Forest under Cattle Ranching Landscapes in the Azuero Peninsula, Panama

Deepti Chatti's picture

Deepti Chatti, PhD

2016 Fellow in India

Towards a Political Ecology of Household Energy Transitions in India

Jeamme Chia's picture

Jeamme Chia, MEM

2020 Fellow in Indonesia

Searching for Pembangunan: Field observations of Indonesia’s new capital in Kalimantan

Pooja Choksi's picture

Pooja Choksi, MEM

2016 Fellow in Belize

Co-management as a means of environmental conservation: The Case of Belize

Adriana Colón Adorno's picture

Adriana Colón Adorno, AB

2019 Fellow in Puerto Rico

Analyzing Changes in Puerto Rican Mangroves and Local Conditions to Identify Restoration Opportunities

Deja Curtis's picture

Deja Curtis, MESc

2020 Fellow in Panama

Dispersal mechanisms of tropical trees along a strong rainfall gradient in Panama

Jenna Davis's picture

Jenna Davis, MESc

2019 Fellow in Zambia

The Persuasion of Climate Change Perceptions in Agricultural Practices: A case study from Zambia