Colin Korst's picture

Colin Korst, MESc

2019 Fellow in Ghana

Entering the Cashew Economy: An Agrarian Transformation of Landscape and Livelihood in Central Ghana

Meghna Krishnadas's picture

Meghna Krishnadas, PhD

2016 Fellow in India

Living on the edge: Species recruitment and mechanisms of tree community change due to edge-effects in human-altered tropical forests

Philip Kunhardt's picture

Philip Kunhardt, MFS

2014 Fellow in Brazil

Growth performance of native species reforestation on old fields in the Atlantic rain forest region, Bahia, Brazil

Gina Rae La Cerva's picture

Gina Rae La Cerva, MESc

2014 Fellow in Cameroon

Untamed and rare: the transformation of wild into luxury

Vinh Lang's picture

Vinh Lang, MFS

2015 Fellow in Sri Lanka

Detection and characterization of Sri Lankan mixed dipterocarp forest structure across physiographic gradients and its effects from logging

Thomas Launer's picture

Thomas Launer, MF

2018 Fellow in Rwanda

Volcanoes National Park Buffer Zone Reforestation Project

Andy Lee's picture

Andy Lee, MESc

2018 Fellow in South Africa

Mapping Social and Decision Processes of Large Carnivore Reintroductions in South Africa Protected Reserves

Brian Lee's picture

Brian Lee, MEM

2017 Fellow in Rwanda

Vertebrate species biodiversity in abandoned mining sites in Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda

Manon Lefevre's picture

Manon Lefevre, PhD

2020 Fellow in Madagascar

Birth control as environmental priority: Interrogating the politics of conservation and family planning in Madagascar

Chris Lewis's picture

Chris Lewis, MEM

2018 Fellow in Rwanda

Agricultural Extension and Agroforestry Adoption in Rwanda