Aymane Eddahmani's picture

Aymane Eddahmani, MESc

2020 Fellow in South Africa

Emission intensity of poverty eradication

Kelechi Eleanya's picture

Kelechi Eleanya, MEM

2017 Fellow in Nigeria

Socio-economic contributions of the wood-furniture industry to urban and rural livelihoods in Northern Nigeria

Logan Emlet's picture

Logan Emlet, MESc

2021 Fellow in Nepal

Scarcity geographies, modes of precarity, and pandemic dis/connections in Dolpo, Nepal

Erica Engstrom's picture

Erica Engstrom, MEM

2018 Fellow in Tanzania

Balancing Agricultural Livelihoods and Ecosystem Integrity in the Kilombero Landscape of Tanzania

Christian Espinosa's picture

Christian Espinosa, PhD

2020 Fellow in Guatemala

An ethnographic research project on the effects of climate change and NGO climate policy on agroecological practice and mobility of Mayan communities in the Western Highlands of Guatemala

Liz Felker's picture

Liz Felker, MESc

2017 Fellow in Ethiopia

15 Million Hectares of Degraded Land: Policy Narratives and Lived Meanings of Land Use in Ethiopia

Eric Fine's picture

Eric Fine, MESc

2015 Fellow in Argentina

Exploring Climate Change Communication Strategies in Argentina

Michaela Foster's picture

Michaela Foster, PhD

2017 Fellow in Ghana

Will more international aid solve the deforestation crisis? Transforming aid into outcomes

Yufang Gao's picture

Yufang Gao, PhD

2018 Fellow in China

Human-snow leopard coexistence in Nyanpo Yuzee, Qinghai Province, China

Samantha Garvin's picture

Samantha Garvin, MESc

2016 Fellow in Botswana

A Jumbo Problem: Defining the Problem of Human-Elephant Conflict (Loxodonta africana) in a Changing Landscape