Jesse Gehrke's picture

Jesse Gehrke, MF

2019 Fellow in Ecuador

Using vegetative scars on Cecropia trees to evaluate the use of a chronosequence approach to aging trees and surrounding secondary forests.

Klaus Geiger's picture

Klaus Geiger, MF

2014 Fellow in Sri Lanka

Characterizing the traditional tree garden systems of southwest Sri Lanka

Samuel Geldin's picture

Samuel Geldin, MESc

2016 Fellow in Indonesia

Thinking Globally, Acting Translocally: Assessing Urban Governance and the Exchange of Climate Adaptation Knowledge in Indonesia

Joyita Ghose's picture

Joyita Ghose, MEM

2020 Fellow in India

Measuring the effectiveness of restoration strategies in tropical dry forests in Asia: A systematic review

David Gonzalez's picture

David Gonzalez, MESc

2014 Fellow in Peru

Mercury exposure in fishing communities of the Peruvian amazon

Javier Gonzalez's picture

Javier Gonzalez, MEM

2018 Fellow in Democratic Republic of Congo

Social science research to determine the baseline conditions for a collaborative land-use decision making process in the Mangaï Reserve

Sally Goodman's picture

Sally Goodman, MESc

2018 Fellow in Kenya

Water Demand in the Upper Ewaso Ng'iro River Basin of Kenya and Downstream Wildlife Impacts

Mickhale Green's picture

Mickhale Green, MEM

2018 Fellow in Brazil

Equity and Ecological Outcomes in Brazilian Tree Plantations

Delilah Griswold's picture

Delilah Griswold, MEM

2015 Fellow in Fiji

Modernizing Agriculture in Fiji: Sustainable Agricultural Discourse & Practice

Bijan Gurung's picture

Bijan Gurung, MEM

2020 Fellow in Nepal and India

Economics of Tiger Conservation - A Case Study from Khata Wildlife Corridor of Nepal