Sarah Sax's picture

Sarah Sax, MESc

2016 Fellow in Peru

Oil Palm Expansion in the Ucayali Region of Peru

Austin Scheetz's picture

Austin Scheetz, MESc

2019 Fellow in Kenya

Unclosed margins and cultural change: lessons from Laikipia County, Kenya

Elham Shabahat's picture

Elham Shabahat, MEM

2017 Fellow in Rwanda

The Untold Stories of Gishwati-Mukura: A study of community-based conservation in Rwanda

Emily Sigman's picture

Emily Sigman, MF

2020 Fellow and 2018 Fellow in Mexico, Ghana and Singapore and Ethiopia

Global cocoa stories

Evan Singer's picture

Evan Singer, MESc

2018 Fellow in Vietnam

Labor Migration, Remittance Sending, and Forest Conservation in Upland Vietnam

Arunima Sircar's picture

Arunima Sircar, MESc

2021 Fellow in India

Climate Opinion Modelling in India

Abby Snyder's picture

Abby Snyder, MEM

2018 Fellow in Togo

Evaluating the effectiveness of a nitrogen-fixing, alley cropping agroforestry system in overcoming food security challenges in the Maritime region of Togo, West Africa.

Jaeeun Sohng's picture

Jaeeun Sohng, MFS

2014 Fellow in Sri Lanka

Effects of Caribbean Pine (Pinus caribaea) plantations on patterns of soil ᵹ13c enrichment and its potential sequestration on abandoned agricultural lands

Kristina Solheim's picture

Kristina Solheim, MEM

2014 Fellow in Peru

Private land reforestation in northwestern Peru

Mk Speth's picture

Mk Speth, MESc

2019 Fellow in Rwanda

Stewards & Saviors: Examining the construction of narratives & identity for eco-tourism in Akagera National Park