Sophie Young's picture

Sophie Young, MEM

2015 Fellow in Sri Lanka

The relationship between household economics and management intensity on smallholder tea plantations in Pitakele Village, Sri Lanka

Katherine Young's picture

Katherine Young, MFS

2016 Fellow in Brazil

Comparing successional agroforestry systems to natural regeneration of secondary forest stands in the Mata Atlântica of southern Bahia, Brazil

Lily Zeng's picture

Lily Zeng, PhD

2014 Fellow in China

Dai holy hills: sanctuaries of biodiversity in Xishuangbanna, SW China

Weiyang Zhao's picture

Weiyang Zhao, MEM

2017 Fellow in China

Assessing the effects of elevation and microsite conditions on herbivory on tree seedlings in the transitional forests of Cen Wang Lao Shan, Guangxi, South China

Wen Zhou's picture

Wen Zhou, PhD

2017 Fellow in Gabon

Chinese forestry investments in Gabon

Yihong Zhu's picture

Yihong Zhu, MFS

2021 Fellow in China

Socioeconomic drivers of forest transition under the urbanization trend in southern China from 2000 to 2020

Anelise Zimmer's picture

Anelise Zimmer, MEM

2021 Fellow in USA

Identifying locations for climate resilient coral reef restoration in Maunalua Bay, Hawaii

Amelia 'Amy' Zuckerwise's picture

Amelia 'Amy' Zuckerwise, MESc

2019 Fellow in Bolivia

Tracking the tigrillo: reframing indigenous knowledge in ocelot conservation