Megan Sullivan's picture

Megan Sullivan, PhD

2018 Fellow and 2020 Fellow in Gabon

Effects of selective logging on Afro-tropical forests and implications for sustainability (2017), Impacts of selective logging on seedling regeneration and recruitment in an Afrotropical forest (2018)

Latha Swamy's picture

Latha Swamy, MEM

2015 Fellow in Indonesia

Improving Rural Community Healthcare Access to Reduce Deforestation in Indonesia: Using Theory of Change Evaluation

Dewi Tan's picture

Dewi Tan, MESc

2020 Fellow in Indonesia

Re-examining the floodwater crisis in Jakarta amidst the ongoing pandemic

Caroline Tasirin's picture

Caroline Tasirin, MFS

2018 Fellow in Indonesia

Changes in tree species composition and structure across an elevation gradient in North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Viola Taubmann's picture

Viola Taubmann, MEM

2020 Fellow in Panama

Financial analysis of silvopastoral systems on the Azuero Peninsula, Panama

Matheus Teixeira Pires do Couto's picture

Matheus Teixeira Pires do Couto, MFS

2014 Fellow in Brazil

Carbon storage and species succession in Amazonian indigenous agroforestry systems across a 40 year chronosequence in Acre, Brazil

Eli Terris's picture

Eli Terris, MEM

2017 Fellow in Mali

The Social, Economic and Consumptive Roles of a Disappearing Tree Among Southern Malians

Shrabya Timsina's picture

Shrabya Timsina, MF

2019 Fellow in Nepal

Distribution of Medicinal Flora and its Environmental Predictors in Two Alpine Himalayan Forests

Alexandra Todorovic-Jones's picture

Alexandra Todorovic-Jones, MFS

2015 Fellow in India

Banj Oak’s Susceptibility to Climate Change

Elizabeth Tokarz's picture

Elizabeth Tokarz, AB

2015 Fellow in Ecuador

Niche differentiation among tropical herbaceous species