Benjamin Rifkin's picture

Benjamin Rifkin, MFS

2017 Fellow in Madagascar

Analysis of Forest Growth Structure and Implications for Regeneration of Tamarindus indica-Dominated Tropical Deciduous Dry Forest in Bezà Mahafaly Special Reserve in Southwestern, Madagascar

Paul Rink's picture

Paul Rink, MEM

2018 Fellow in Indonesia and Peru

Environmental Opportunism: How Market Forces Fuel Environmental Policy

Renata Robins's picture

Renata Robins, AB

2021 Fellow in Costa Rica

Impacts of elevation on fruit, seed, and leaf traits at Volcan Barva, Costa Rica

Rafael Roca Gonzales's picture

Rafael Roca Gonzales, MESc

2015 Fellow in Peru

Ethnographic study of artisanal and small scale gold mining in Madre de Dios

Cecilia Rogers's picture

Cecilia Rogers, MFS

2021 Fellow in Panama

Do silvopastoral cattle farms improve ecological conditions and farm fertility?

Rachel Ross's picture

Rachel Ross, MESc

2021 Fellow in Tanzania

Ungulate population and spatial trends adjacent to Tarangire National Park, Tanzania

Ki’ila Salas's picture

Ki’ila Salas, MF

2018 Fellow in Belize

Growth and survival of Honduran mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) after 20-year old silvicultural treatments in Hill Bank, Belize

Adrien Salazar's picture

Adrien Salazar, MEM

2015 Fellow in Philippines

Heirloom Rice Production Among Indigenous Farmers in the Philippine Rice Terraces: Seed Conservation as Climate Change Adaptation

Logan Sander's picture

Logan Sander, MFS

2014 Fellow in Jamaica

Knowledge, attitudes and skills of small-scale farmers about maintaining and promoting useful plant diversity in Portland Parish, Jamaica

Sara Santiago's picture

Sara Santiago, MF

2018 Fellow in Puerto Rico and Cuba

Hurricane disturbance & recovery: Puerto Rico’s opportunity to promote resilient agriculture drawing from Cuba’s agroecology practices