Current Fellows

Vivian Bi, MESc

in China

Power in Flux: Migrant Household Energy Access and Use at the Margins of Modernity in Peri-urban Beijing

Kevin Cellucci, MESc

in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania

Money and Power: Assessing Barriers to Energy Access in sub-Saharan Africa

Francis Commercon's picture

Francis Commercon, MESc

in USA

Collaborative Networks for Chinese Migratory Shorebird Conservation

Virginia Davis's picture

Virginia Davis, AB

in USA

Bioactivity of Mexican Prickly Poppy (Argemone mexicana) in Caribbean Gynecological Ethnomedicine

Ryan Dougherty's picture

Ryan Dougherty, MESc

in Panama

Daily spatial and temporal dynamics of a Red-Eyed Treefrog chorus

Logan Emlet, MESc

in Nepal

Barley a la Bikas: Gastro-political Ecology and Food System Change in Dolpo, Nepal

Aarthi Kannan, MESc

in India

Sophie Lieberman, AB

in USA

Assessing capacity development for tropical forest restoration: Progress and methods in Panama’s Azuero Peninsula

Al Lim's picture

Al Lim, PhD

in Singapore and Thailand

Do Smart Cities Hold Water? Laotian aspirations for smart water infrastructure

Ruolin Eudora Miao, MFS

in USA

Assessment of the Factors that Influence the Recruitment Limitation in the Natural Regeneration of Karst Forests Following Disturbance Abandonment in Guangxi, China

Alix Pauchet's picture

Alix Pauchet, MEM

2020 Fellow and 2021 Fellow in Ecuador

Visualizing the externalities of the Coca Codo Sinclair Dam

Renata Robins, AB

in Costa Rica

Impacts of elevation on fruit, seed, and leaf traits at Volcan Barva, Costa Rica

Cecilia Rogers, MFS

in Panama

Rachel Ross, MESc

in Tanzania

Ungulate population and spatial trends adjacent to Tarangire National Park, Tanzania

Arunima Sircar, MESc

in USA

Climate Opinion Modelling in India

Sonia Wang, MEM

in USA

Climate-Resilient Coral Reef Restoration in Maunalua Bay - Monitoring, Analyzing Effectiveness, and Establishing Community Practices

Ari Winer, MEM

in USA

David Woodbury's picture

David Woodbury, PhD

2018 Fellow and 2021 Fellow in Sri Lanka

Coal mine reclamation: Soil and early successional plant development under exotic, leguminous tree plantations in East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Yihong Zhu, MFS

in China

Socioeconomic drivers of forest transition under the urbanization trend in southern China from 2000 to 2020

Anelise Zimmer, MEM

in USA

Identifying locations for climate resilient coral reef restoration in Maunalua Bay, Hawaii