Current Fellows

Caroline Acheatel's picture

Caroline Acheatel, MEM

2017 Fellow in Mexico

La Vecindad: Communal Housing as a Green Infrastructure Opportunity in Mexico City’s Water Crisis

Beryl Ajwang''s picture

Beryl Ajwang', MEM

2017 Fellow in Kenya

Energy Access and Financial Inclusion: Are PAYG solar products promoting digital finance access among poor rural households in Kenya?

Coral Bielecki's picture

Coral Bielecki, MESc

2017 Fellow in United States

Power and Resistance: A Case Study of Kahoolawe Island in Hawaii

Mary Burak's picture

Mary Burak, PhD

2017 Fellow in Tanzania

Human-Wildlife Coexistence Landscapes: Assessing Spatial Patterns of Maasai Tribal Land Use and Lion Connectivity in Tanzania

Julia Calderon Cendejas's picture

Julia Calderon Cendejas, MF

2017 Fellow in Mexico

Community-based forestry as a tool for indigenous land rights defense: A case study with Raramuri communities in northern Mexico

Kelechi Eleanya's picture

Kelechi Eleanya, MEM

2017 Fellow in Nigeria

Socio-economic contributions of the wood-furniture industry to urban and rural livelihoods in Northern Nigeria

Liz Felker's picture

Liz Felker, MESc

2017 Fellow in Ethiopia

15 Million Hectares of Degraded Land: Policy Narratives and Lived Meanings of Land Use in Ethiopia

Michaela Foster's picture

Michaela Foster, PhD

2017 Fellow in Ghana

Will more international aid solve the deforestation crisis? Transforming aid into outcomes

Jacqueline Hall's picture

Jacqueline Hall, MEM

2017 Fellow in Mexico

La Vecindad: Communal Housing as a Green Infrastructure Opportunity in Mexico City’s Water Crisis

Caroline Hobbs's picture

Caroline Hobbs, MEM

2017 Fellow in United States

Color Morphology in Montipora capitata living in different reef environments

Kangning Huang's picture

Kangning Huang, PhD

2017 Fellow in China

The Compound Heat Extreme in South China from the Urban Heat Island Effect and Climate Change

Chelsea Judy's picture

Chelsea Judy, PhD

2017 Fellow in Ethiopia

Linking Patterns of Land Ownership to Environmental Degradation and Economic Inequality in Ethiopia

Brian Lee's picture

Brian Lee, MEM

2017 Fellow in Rwanda

Vertebrate species biodiversity in abandoned mining sites in Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda

Christopher Martin's picture

Christopher Martin, MF

2017 Fellow in Brazil

Conservation Finance for Sustainable Enterprise in the Brazilian Amazon

Ethan Miller's picture

Ethan Miller, MF

2017 Fellow in Kenya

A Spatial Approach to Understanding Resource Use in the Mau Forest Complex

Julia Monk's picture

Julia Monk, PhD

2017 Fellow in Argentina

Puma predation, scavenging, and the fate of nutrients in the High Andes

Juan Penagos Zuluaga's picture

Juan Penagos Zuluaga, PhD

2015 Fellow and 2017 Fellow in Panama

Ecology and evolution of the gynodioecious breeding system in early-divergent flowering plants

Emma Rapperport's picture

Emma Rapperport, MESc

2017 Fellow in Ecuador

Trends in Intergenerational Agricultural Knowledge Transfer in the Ecuadorian Andes

Benjamin Rifkin's picture

Benjamin Rifkin, MFS

2017 Fellow in Madagascar

Analysis of Forest Growth Structure and Implications for Regeneration of Tamarindus indica-Dominated Tropical Deciduous Dry Forest in Bezà Mahafaly Special Reserve in Southwestern, Madagascar

Elham Shabahat's picture

Elham Shabahat, MEM

2017 Fellow in Rwanda

The Untold Stories of Gishwati-Mukura: A study of community-based conservation in Rwanda

Megan Sullivan's picture

Megan Sullivan, PhD

2017 Fellow in Gabon

Effects of selective logging on Afro-tropical forests and implications for sustainability

Eli Terris's picture

Eli Terris, MEM

2017 Fellow in Mali

The Social, Economic and Consumptive Roles of a Disappearing Tree Among Southern Malians

Harikrishnan Venugopalan Nair Radhamoni's picture

Harikrishnan Venugopalan Nair Radhamoni, PhD

2017 Fellow in India

Impacts of Human Disturbances on the Phylogenetic and Functional Diversity of Tropical herbaceous plants in Western Ghats, India: A Pilot Study

Weiyang Zhao's picture

Weiyang Zhao, MEM

2017 Fellow in China

Assessing the effects of elevation and microsite conditions on herbivory on tree seedlings in the transitional forests of Cen Wang Lao Shan, Guangxi, South China

Wen Zhou's picture

Wen Zhou, PhD

2017 Fellow in Gabon

Chinese forestry investments in Gabon