Current Fellows

Courtney Anderson's picture

Courtney Anderson, MESc

2019 Fellow in Bolivia

Not all protected areas are alike: differences in management strategies in the Madidi National Protected Area and their impacts on jaguar occupancy

Blanca Begert's picture

Blanca Begert, MFS

2019 Fellow in Peru

Local land-use priorities and perceptions of management around the Alto Mayo Protected Forest in Peru

Lorena Benitez's picture

Lorena Benitez, MESc

2019 Fellow in Uganda

Resource Acquisition and Path Efficiency of Elephant Trails in Kibale National Park, Uganda

Emily Briggs's picture

Emily Briggs, PhD

2019 Fellow in Argentina

Mary Burak's picture

Mary Burak, PhD

2019 Fellow in Kenya

Spatial-Genetic Applications for Lion Conservation in a Changing Ecosystem in Northern Kenya

Kate Burrows's picture

Kate Burrows, PhD

2019 Fellow in Indonesia

The Effect of Displacement on the Association Between Landslides and Mental Health and Wellbeing in Banjarnegara, Indonesia

Adriana Colón Adorno's picture

Adriana Colón Adorno, AB

2019 Fellow in Puerto Rico

Analyzing Changes in Puerto Rican Mangroves and Local Conditions to Identify Restoration Opportunities

Jenna Davis's picture

Jenna Davis, MESc

2019 Fellow in Zambia

The Persuasion of Climate Change Perceptions in Agricultural Practices: A case study from Zambia

Austin Dziki's picture

Austin Dziki, MF

2019 Fellow in Rwanda

The Edge Effect on Regeneration of Large Seeded Tree Species in a Small Forest Fragment in the Western Highlands of Rwanda

Jesse Gehrke's picture

Jesse Gehrke, MF

2019 Fellow in Ecuador

Using vegetative scars on Cecropia trees to evaluate the use of a chronosequence approach to aging trees and surrounding secondary forests.

Kelsey Hartman's picture

Kelsey Hartman, MEM

2019 Fellow in Ecuador

Paul Hatanga's picture

Paul Hatanga, MEM

2019 Fellow in Uganda

Examining effects of road construction on ecosystem services in Murchison Falls Conservation Area, Uganda

Christopher Hebdon's picture

Christopher Hebdon, PhD

2019 Fellow in Ecuador

Swidden-Fallow Knowledge in Ecuador: Farmer and Governmental Perspectives

Seth Inman's picture

Seth Inman, MEM

2019 Fellow in Rwanda

Montane Avifauna Distribution in the Albertine Rift

Colin Korst's picture

Colin Korst, MESc

2019 Fellow in Ghana

Entering the Cashew Economy: An Agrarian Transformation of Landscape and Livelihood in Central Ghana

Jasmine Liu's picture

Jasmine Liu, AB

2019 Fellow in Ecuador

Herbivory and Defense of Seedlings in a Western Amazon Forest

Julia Monk's picture

Julia Monk, PhD

2017 Fellow and 2019 Fellow in Argentina

The Biogeochemical Legacy of the Landscape of Fear: Pumas, Vicuñas, Condors, and Nutrient Cycling in the High Andes

Gabriela Morales-Nieves's picture

Gabriela Morales-Nieves, MF

2019 Fellow in Puerto Rico

Priorities, Perspectives and Use of a Community Forest and Homegarden Composition of Surrounding Residents in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

James Ndung'u's picture

James Ndung'u, MEM

2019 Fellow in Kenya

Women and Sustainable Energy; Understanding Energy Poverty in Kiambu County, Kenya

Jorge Nieto Jimenez's picture

Jorge Nieto Jimenez, MESc

2019 Fellow in Myanmar

Overlooked social dynamics of energy end-use during energy access and transitions projects in contexts of scarcity.

Austin Scheetz's picture

Austin Scheetz, MESc

2019 Fellow in Kenya

Unclosed margins and cultural change: lessons from Laikipia County, Kenya

Mk Speth's picture

Mk Speth, MESc

2019 Fellow in Rwanda

Stewards & Saviors: Examining the construction of narratives & identity for eco-tourism in Akagera National Park

Shrabya Timsina's picture

Shrabya Timsina, MF

2019 Fellow in Nepal

Distribution of Medicinal Flora and its Environmental Predictors in Two Alpine Himalayan Forests

Harikrishnan Venugopalan Nair Radhamoni's picture

Harikrishnan Venugopalan Nair Radhamoni, PhD

2017 Fellow and 2019 Fellow in India

The Diversity and Distribution of Herbaceous Plants along a Rainfall Gradient in the Seasonally Dry Tropical Forests of the Western Ghats, India

Brittany Wienke's picture

Brittany Wienke, MF

2019 Fellow in Panama

Scaling up reforestation efforts in the Azuero Peninsula, Panama, through community associations

Amelia 'Amy' Zuckerwise's picture

Amelia 'Amy' Zuckerwise, MESc

2019 Fellow in Bolivia

Tracking the tigrillo: reframing indigenous knowledge in ocelot conservation