Current Fellows

Jeamme Chia's picture

Jeamme Chia, MEM

2020 Fellow in Indonesia

Searching for Pembangunan: Field observations of Indonesia’s new capital in Kalimantan

Deja Curtis's picture

Deja Curtis, MESc

2020 Fellow in Panama

Dispersal mechanisms of tropical trees along a strong rainfall gradient in Panama

Aymane Eddahmani's picture

Aymane Eddahmani, MESc

2020 Fellow in South Africa

Emission intensity of poverty eradication

Christian Espinosa's picture

Christian Espinosa, PhD

2020 Fellow in Guatemala

An ethnographic research project on the effects of climate change and NGO climate policy on agroecological practice and mobility of Mayan communities in the Western Highlands of Guatemala

Joyita Ghose's picture

Joyita Ghose, MEM

2020 Fellow in India

Measuring the effectiveness of restoration strategies in tropical dry forests in Asia: A systematic review

Bijan Gurung's picture

Bijan Gurung, MEM

2020 Fellow in Nepal and India

Economics of Tiger Conservation - A Case Study from Khata Wildlife Corridor of Nepal

Tevin Hamilton's picture

Tevin Hamilton, MEM

2020 Fellow in United States

The connections between environmental justice and prison labor

Cam Humphrey's picture

Cam Humphrey, MEM

2020 Fellow in United States

Historical inequities in pollution burdens and their ongoing impacts on health and environmental justice

Lav Kanoi's picture

Lav Kanoi, PhD

2020 Fellow in India

Writing on the waters: The changing waterscape of India's thirsty capital city

Manon Lefevre's picture

Manon Lefevre, PhD

2020 Fellow in Madagascar

Birth control as environmental priority: Interrogating the politics of conservation and family planning in Madagascar

Katherine Meier's picture

Katherine Meier, PhD

2020 Fellow in Congo

Three apes and a wetland: Examining mechanisms of primate coexistence in Africa’s largest peat-swamp forest

Alishia Orloff's picture

Alishia Orloff, MESc

2020 Fellow in United States

Structural heterogeneity of waterbird habitat in restored Hawaiian wetlands

Kaggie Orrick's picture

Kaggie Orrick, PhD

2020 Fellow in Botswana

Social-ecological landscape: Incorporating human behaviour and tolerance levels into landscape modelling between the Makgadikgadi National Park and Kalahari Game Reserve, Botswana

Alix Pauchet's picture

Alix Pauchet, MEM

2020 Fellow in Ecuador

Visualizing the externalities of the Coca Codo Sinclair Dam

Chau Pham's picture

Chau Pham, AB

2020 Fellow in Sri Lanka

Biodiversity and ecosystem function in a Sri Lankan rainforest over a 40-year period

Megan Sullivan's picture

Megan Sullivan, PhD

2018 Fellow and 2020 Fellow in Gabon

Effects of selective logging on Afro-tropical forests and implications for sustainability (2017), Impacts of selective logging on seedling regeneration and recruitment in an Afrotropical forest (2018)

Akshay Surendra's picture

Akshay Surendra, PhD

2020 Fellow in Sri Lanka

Uncovering mechanisms of diversity-maintenance in mixed-dipterocarp forests of Asia

Dewi Tan's picture

Dewi Tan, MESc

2020 Fellow in Indonesia

Re-examining the floodwater crisis in Jakarta amidst the ongoing pandemic

Viola Taubmann's picture

Viola Taubmann, MEM

2020 Fellow in Panama

Financial analysis of silvopastoral systems on the Azuero Peninsula, Panama

Harikrishnan Venugopalan Nair Radhamoni's picture

Harikrishnan Venugopalan Nair Radhamoni, PhD

2017 Fellow and 2020 Fellow in India

The Diversity and Distribution of Herbaceous Plants along a Rainfall Gradient in the Seasonally Dry Tropical Forests of the Western Ghats, India