Current Fellows

Frannie Adams's picture

Frannie Adams, MESc

2022 Fellow in USA

Influences of brackish river water gradients on greenhouse gas fluxes of disturbed and undisturbed mangrove ecosystems

Fredrick Addai's picture

Fredrick Addai, MF

2022 Fellow in Ghana

Regeneration of forests on reclaimed gold mine sites in Western Ghana

Leah Andino's picture

Leah Andino, MFS

2022 Fellow in Puerto Rico

Variation of leaf traits between ridges and valleys in a moist limestone forest

Grace Bachmann's picture

Grace Bachmann, MF

2022 Fellow in Rwanda

Management and status of biodiversity and forest restoration efforts in and around Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda

Jeffrey Blay's picture

Jeffrey Blay, MESc

2022 Fellow in Ghana

Understanding urbanization and energy infrastructures in Ghana using multi-sensor remote sensing and machine learning

Francis Commercon's picture

Francis Commercon, MESc

2021 Fellow and 2022 Fellow in China

Transnational scientific collaboration and Chinese conservation policy

Brunno Douat's picture

Brunno Douat,

2022 Fellow in Ecuador

Yrar Öne Noñi Öme Entwining Chambira to weave a world-forest — artifact cartography of Waorani’s Ñoon with the community of Tepapare

Ismini Ethridge's picture

Ismini Ethridge, MEM

2022 Fellow in Sri Lanka

Socioeconomic advantages of traditional home gardens in Sri Lanka's push towards an organic future

Dylan Feldmeier's picture

Dylan Feldmeier, MESc

2022 Fellow in Botswana

Perception vs reality: a socio-ecological analysis of human-carnivore conflict hotspots in the Makgadikgadi region of Botswana

Siria Gamez's picture

Siria Gamez, PhD

2022 Fellow in Mexico

Cats, cattle, and coffee: understanding the drivers of vertical space-use in Neotropical felids of Chiapas, Mexico

Leah Genth's picture

Leah Genth, AB

2022 Fellow in Ecuador

A comparison of herbivory between different sexes of dioecious trees in Yasuní National Park, Ecuador

Emma Grover's picture

Emma Grover, MESc

2022 Fellow in Ecuador

Influence of developmental stage and life history on leaf traits in tropical rain forest trees

Amalta Gupta's picture

Amalta Gupta, MESc

2022 Fellow in India

Reliable electricity supply and adoption of induction cookstoves: a study analyzing the effect of increased electrification on the standard of living in rural India

Thomas Harris's picture

Thomas Harris, PhD

2022 Fellow in Brazil

Sequestering carbon through protection and production: a case study of industrial reforestation in Mata Atlantica, Brazil

Phoebe Hering's picture

Phoebe Hering, MEM

2022 Fellow in Bolivia

Policy and governance of climate change and wildfire management, Bolivia

Coral Keegan's picture

Coral Keegan, MEM

2022 Fellow in Thailand

Using Local Ecological Knowledge to Inform Pangolin Conservation in Thailand

Urmila Mallick's picture

Urmila Mallick, MESc

2022 Fellow in Botswana

Differentiating livestock- and wildlife-mediated soil carbon storage across Botswana’s Makgadikgadi National Park and bordering livestock rangelands

Tyler Mar's picture

Tyler Mar, MESc

2022 Fellow in Vietnam

Effects of zinc application on arsenic speciation and concentration and grain yield of rice in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Cameron McKenzie's picture

Cameron McKenzie, MFS

2022 Fellow in Panama

Survival dynamics and the vertical differentiation of epiphytes in a Neotropical premontane cloud forest

Katherine Meier's picture

Katherine Meier, PhD

2020 Fellow and 2022 Fellow in Republic of Congo

Fruits and floods: measuring dietary resource availability for gorillas, chimpanzees, and elephants in a seasonally-flooded peat swamp forest

Isaac Merson's picture

Isaac Merson, MEM

2022 Fellow in Rwanda

Management and status of biodiversity and forest restoration efforts in and around Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda

Kaggie Orrick's picture

Kaggie Orrick, PhD

2020 Fellow and 2022 Fellow in Botswana

Social-ecological landscape: Incorporating human behaviour and tolerance levels into landscape modelling between the Makgadikgadi National Park and Kalahari Game Reserve, Botswana

Miriam Remshard's picture

Miriam Remshard, MEM

2022 Fellow in USA

Design of data tables in tropical and temperate ecology journals

Ananya Singh's picture

Ananya Singh, MEM

2022 Fellow in Philippines

Ecosystem-based Disaster Risk Reduction: Applying Rainforestation to mitigate landslides in Leyte Island, Philippines

Ryan Smith's picture

Ryan Smith, MF

2022 Fellow in Sri Lanka

Aboveground carbon stocks in homegardens and tea plantations in a village in the Sri Lankan wet zone

Gabe Snashall's picture

Gabe Snashall, MESc

2022 Fellow in Indonesia

Crisis Captured: How government elites and vested interests used the COVID-19 crisis to transform local environmental institutions in Indonesia

Akshay Surendra's picture

Akshay Surendra, PhD

2020 Fellow and 2022 Fellow in Sri Lanka

Disentangling the role of microbes from soils in driving habitat filtering in tree communities

Destiny Treloar's picture

Destiny Treloar, MESc

2022 Fellow in USA

COVID-19 and emergency food access: Investigating chronically food-insecure Latina/x women’s relationship with emergency food assistance in Hialeah, Florida

Raqib Valli's picture

Raqib Valli, MF

2022 Fellow in Sri Lanka

On the population demographics and ethnobotanical value of native flora in homegardens around the Sinharaja forest

Jayson Velazquez's picture

Jayson Velazquez, MESc

2022 Fellow in Puerto Rico

Colonialism, Climate Change, and Community-Based Organizations: Emergency Resource Distribution in Puerto Rico and the Role of the Puerto Rican Diaspora

Harikrishnan Venugopalan Nair Radhamoni's picture

Harikrishnan Venugopalan Nair Radhamoni, PhD

2020 Fellow and 2022 Fellow in Puerto Rico

Population dynamics of Heliconia caribea in a seasonal tropical forest, Luquillo, Puerto Rico

Alisa White's picture

Alisa White, MESc

2022 Fellow in Chile

Opportunities for and barriers to collaboration between land trusts and indigenous people